The real estate scenario in India is emerging. It is a big shift from what it used to be ten years ago. Today we are moving towards a structured global economy . The Indian property builders are also trying to meet the infrastructural needs of the next 20 years in the wake of the progress in the IT sector, residential apartments, and group housing.

Today the focus of people has changed from what it used to be. Earlier people couldn’t afford to live in more than single-level houses as most of them couldn’t afford anything beyond that. But nowadays a lot of people are able to own homes, thanks to the availability of loans and the shift of focus on new satellite towns. This has brought about a major change for the real estate . If this trend continues (which has a very high possibility) then there should be no looking back for the coming decade or two.

Many real Estate companies are quickly progressing in this field. Now with around 500 small, medium and large industries coming up in Rudrapur.


The commercial real estate , the residential and retail real estate, all three sectors are developing in terms of growth and investment opportunities .The retail sector has been growing phenomenally for the last four years with the middle income group burgeoning, plus there is the brand-conscious youth which has high disposable income. The retail has opened up and is now much more organized. Many brands are in the market and the choice is wide. The commercial side is also making strides, driven as it is by the IT, the multinationals, which are arriving, and the growth of the BPO and the ITES.

We take pride in our ability to handle all projects – residential, commercial, & industrial. Over the years, the company has competently handled all aspects of business in the real estate scenario. Its fields of operation are – land banking, construction, architecture, building, sale, purchase, renting and consultancy of all types of residential and commercial properties, with special emphasis being given to new investment-oriented projects especially in any new township or apartment complex. Our company looks after both – the investment aspect in the real estate sector, as well as coming up with new real estate business opportunities.

Aside from real estate related activities in the NCR in recent months the company has expanded its operations to cover other states and towns. We have in place a team of dedicated and professionally qualified personnel with vast experience in the field of Civil Construction, adopting modern innovative technology with computer aided design techniques.

Our objective is to meet all the expectations of our clientele and offer meticulous project planning for outstanding construction. This is achieved by combining innovative and standard construction practices with fine skills and modern craftsmanship.

However we are different. Unlike most companies we don’t just sell Indian properties we construct and develop them ourselves. By investing in our own projects, our clients can feel confident that they are getting the highest quality developments, with the best potential for capital appreciation and rental yields. We honestly believe that Indian property offers the best property investment opportunities in the world, and with Merrill Lynch predicting a 700% increase in prices from 2005-2015 we are clearly not alone in that belief.